Party Favor
Hi I'm Party and I like to Dylan

Hey Guys! So it's been a couple months of dropping unreleased edits, bootlegs, and its been awesome seeing all the downloads happening and people sharing them around. So I'm just checkin in here! What more do you want to see? More music? Remix Feedback? Behind the scenes footage? Drop a comment below and let me know! - Dylan

Just uploaded a lil surprise to the vault

Kill the Noise x The Weeknd - Blinding Lights (PF Mashup) ———> Now in the Vault

A Real Hero (Party Favor Remix) ------> Just uploaded to the vault

My VIP of Original Don ------> now in the vault

KEEM ON ACID (Baby Keem Flip) ---> Now in the vault

Back to vegas this weekend at LIV Beach for the first ever Sunday Swim Club

Download of my Gorillaz flip is up in the vault MFrs

Hey gang, welcome to DYHARD. This is an outlet for me to share music and ideas with you as they come and talk directly about upcoming shows, experiences, you name it. I also want to have you all be a part of my creative process and what you want me to release next! To start, I just put up two songs and a stem pack in the vault that you can download. More coming next week. Send me some music in the A&R message board and i'll take a listen as well! - Dylan aka Your friendly neighborhood Party Favor

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